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Several years ago I was headed out deer hunting opening morning in the Northwest corner of Utah. It was early, about an hour and a half before daylight. I was driving around a corner on a gravel road when I had to swerve to miss a fairly new Ranger side-by-side UTV that was sitting unoccupied in the middle of the road. I thought at the time that it was very careless to abandon a vehicle in the middle of the road, especially since it was still dark. I assumed that the occupants had spotted a buck and were in hot pursuit. About five miles later, I was coming up on a slower moving vehicle. As I got closer, the vehicle pulled over to let me by. I could see that it was a pickup pulling what had been a very nice enclosed trailer. I say “had been” because they had been dragging the ramp door for at least five miles down a gravel road. The trailer was empty.

As I pulled around the pickup and trailer, I rolled down the passenger window and stopped. The driver of the other pickup also rolled down his window. I asked if he had been hauling a Ranger. I am guessing that he misunderstood my question (probably due to temporary hearing loss resulting from the noise of the dragging ramp door for five miles). Apparently, he thought that I was asking him if he owned a Ranger, as he just grinned with the pride of ownership and nodded. I asked him again if he had been hauling a ranger. By the change in his expression I could tell the he was beginning to understand the question. I then gave him the bad news that his Ranger was sitting (assuming no one had yet ran into it yet) in the middle of the road five miles back. “Oh sh#@ was his response.

Because there were no loose tie-down straps in the trailer, in the road or hanging from the Ranger, I am guessing that the Ranger had not been secured. Also, in order for the ramp door to open, either the door latches were not engaged, or if the were, pins or locks were not used to secure the latches. Pretty amazing that someone would invest that much money in the Ranger and the trailer and not care enough to properly secure the UTV.